Mooring Easytrack

Mooring Easytrack is the platform that gather information about mooring studies and fish farms concessions.  This information is available everywhere and every time, as long as there is an internet access. It is not just about specific information from Badinotti in each center, but it also includes relevant information for different proposes such as; reviews, audits, internal meetings and so on.

Nowadays, Companies are trying to focus on minimizing everything that has a negative environmental impact. With Mooring Easytrack the negative impact is reversed, since online information reduces paper use.  Additionally, this tool is a great support for the strategic and operative decisions because the important information is in one place.

Badinotti Marine Manager told us; “The added value offered by Mooring Easytrack, is that customers will get studies here and now, no matter where they are located, and they will not need to contact us or our engineering department to ask for information, they can download it any time. ”

Finally, he adds: “We want that Mooring Easytrack becomes the virtual client’s office, where they can check all the projects they have done with Badinotti Marine over time.”