EasyTrack Cage Maintenance Software

Badinotti knows the importance of reliable, up-to-date and easily reachable information for our clients in the decision-making process, both operative and strategic. This is why Badinotti has developed the Easytrack Cage Maintenance Software.

Easytrack is an information system that stores and manages cage maintenance data from each fish farm. Customer requirements and our previous experience with a similar platform developed for net maintenance led to the development of this tool.  Now, updated information is available 24/7 to our clients.

Currently, Easytrack is in its initial beta phase – customers ask us questions and request information that they might need for their operational processes. Later the platform will be able to be queried directly. In not too long a time, and as the system accumulates data, we expect our customers to be able to extract valuable information that will allow them to make strategic decisions regarding their cage assets.