New HDPE boats Delivery.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finally Badinotti Marine Equipment has recently delivered 3 units of the HDPE boat BMQ600-DivePro, to Saipem spa a large, international and one of the best balanced turnkey contractors in the oil & gas industry. HDPE boats were provided with an hydrojet inboard/outboard engine.

Fish Farming Equipment Seminar in Romania
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In July Badinotti Group spa in cooperation with WELDPLAST, Badinotti's Romania Representative, organized a seminar in Craiova.
Topics are related to the  Fish farming equipment presentation.
Invited speakers were: Alessandro Ciattaglia (Sales and Marketing Manager EMEA), Davide Caprile (R&D Technical Assistant) and Giovanni Mitri (Sales Manager of Bameq srl).
The Organizers: Mr Adrei and Edi Theodor (WELDPLAST) were able to convene researchers from local universities, technical consultants and some Farmers.
The presentation has generated considerable interest dealing with equipment for farming in floating cages, studies for the design and mooring calculation and finally the new boat production line in HDPE that Badinotti Marine Equipment can provide.

Presentation at Offshore Mariculture Conference 2014
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Alessandro Ciattaglia and Davide Caprile have recently partecipated as speakers in the Offshore Mariculture Conference 2014 held in Caserta 9-11 April 2014.
They presented the outline of the research project for a new Submersible Cage with variable ballast called "OCEANIS".
Follow the link <> to see the presentation. "This is a great opportunity to present our project to a wide and international audiance of stakeholders" said Alessandro Ciattaglia "in 2015, for the next Conference in Mexico, we will have the result of the cage test. We are quite optimist to achieve all the tasks we prefixed in a short time".

Badinotti Peru S.A. is offering a half day Fishing Training Course
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

“Based on the Badinotti Group strategy of being each time closer to the clients, Badinotti Peru S.A. is offering a half day Fishing Training Course to its current and potential clients”, said Luis Portal, Sales and Marketing Manager.

These sessions are conducted by Ing. Ricardo Urias, Head of the Technical Department at Badinotti Peru S.A. The participants are the owners of the Fishing companies, the skippers and in general all the people involve on one way or another in the operations of the vessels.

“Last month we offered training sessions to Pesquera Humacare and the Erlis Del Castillo Group. At the end of the sessions, each participant received a Diploma for having participated in the course”, said Ricardo Urias.

Among the topics are: strengthens of Badinotti Peru S.A., how to design a fis
hing purse seine and the best way of using it.

New R&D Team in Badinotti Group
Thursday, November 28, 2013

In a global market such as Aquaculture is necessary to solve and provide new tools suitable to the new issues always present in the the fish farming, according both the geographical area and the local infrastructures available.
This is one of the reason why Badnotti Group has arranged a team of Research and Development in order to study new materials and new applications.
David Caprile, naval engineer, will take care the technical topics in the team such as: the design of mooring systems for fish farm cages, the new HDPE boat, the new nets layout, etc..
Davide, graduated in 2012, is close to the end of his studies in Naval Architecture at University of Genoa (Italy).
In his own course of studies, he analyzed topics concerning Naval constructions, stability laws of floating constructions, building science and CAD computer systems.
He also achieved the PADI “Advanced OWD” e “Rescue Diver” scuba licenses that let him better understand and appreciate the fascinating sea world.

Welcome on Board Davide!!

Directors & Sales Managers Board 2013
Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The 2013 Board of Directors and Sales Managers meeting was held in Lima (Peru) last week. 15 persons from 5 different countries met together discussing new business and opportunities in the Fishery and Aquaculture Global Market.

Badinotti Peru partecipated at EXPOPESCA PERU 2013
Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Badinotti Peru partecipated at last ExpoPesca 2013.
See more on

Thursday, November 07, 2013

"We are happy to say that the Danfish 2013 was a good exhibition for us" says Gustavo Rizo-Patron, General Manager Badinotti Peru.
"We joined Hampidjan/ Cosmos Trawl in their stand, since they are our distributor of fishing equipment in Denmark and Iceland"
"We were there mainly to support them, but we also received visitors from other markets.
We also met several of our distributors in Norway and the Faroe Islands, and it looks like the market in Norway is  going to pick up again.
All in all a very good exhibition for us" says sales and marketing manager for the nordic countries Roar Holen.

Wider dipping and drying zone in Slovakia
Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just beside the new assembling location area, Badinotti Slovakia has enlarged the dipping and drying zone.
“In any weather and with any cage net dimensions, we are able to dip, dry and pack any net cage" says Torben Andersen, Technical Supervisor of Badinotti Group.
"This is a big opportunity in order to supply any kind of coating treatment in a very short time, keeping higher the standard quality".

Badinotti Slovakia's new net loft
Thursday, July 25, 2013

"We are proud to announce that we have fully completed  the construction of our new net loft for assembling fish farm nettings in Slovakia” states Giancarlo Badinotti,  President and CEO of Badinotti Group.
“The new facility covers an area of 2.200 square meters and can fit up to 100 workers on 2 shifts”.
“Target markets are Europe, North America and Middle East. This new investment will give us the opportunity to serve our clients with much better delivery times compared to products coming from Asia.” says Alessandro Ciattaglia, Sales & Marketing Manager EMEA.

New Service contracts for Badinotti Net Services Canada
Monday, June 03, 2013

Badinotti Net Services Canada have aquired 2 important contracts with the leading companies in West Canada Aquaculture Market:
Marine Harvest Canada agreed a net service contract for 4 years starting April 1, 2013 and Mainstream Canada has signed a net service agreement extension to the end of 2013.

New supplier for Badinotti Chile
Monday, June 03, 2013

Badinotti Chile has entered a supply agreement with the Norwegian company Steen
-Hansen, the leading worldwide-supplier of antifouling products.
"This agreement allows Badinotti Chile and Badinotti Net Services Chile Limited to apply the Steen-Hansen products AquaSafe, NetCoating and NetPrimer on their portfolio of aquaculture nets" says Christian Torres, General Manager of Badinotti Chile.
Steen-Hansen (founded 1932) has followed the aquaculture industry since the very beginning. Focused R&D, combined with continuous costumer interaction has resulted in high quality and preferred products.

Badinotti Group established BAMEQ srl - Badinotti Marine Equipment
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Badinotti Group acquires Polinautica 63 and it is born Badinotti Marine Equipment Ltd.. or more simply BAMEQ.
"It is very hard and ambitious to propose a new and really innovative project in the italian marine market" says Giovanni Mitri, Sales Manager of Badinotti Marine Equipment srl," mainly becouse of its ancient and well developed tradition in terms of shipyard and the technologies know-how. Sometime it is just this kind of challenge that succeds in improving the entrepreneurial capability and allows to translate it in a successful project, simply starting from basic technical fetures, rightly selected and integrated one each other, which provide high performance solutions and products".
The products range is focused on the HDPE equipment for marine purposes, mainly HDPE boats, Navigarional buoys and special barge or pontoon.
"BAMEQ Srl wants mainly to act in Marine-coast monitoring, Rescue, Diving, Acquaculture and Fishery fields" says Andrea Re, Production Manager.

BAMEQ Srl aims then to represent a reference company in the mentioned market as manufacturer of marine professional equipment, taking care each working phase in order to reach high quality products, just starting from its design, its material selection and procurement, its manufacturing processes, and last but not least, up to its after-sale assitance. 

For more information visit: or contact
Dr Giovanni Mitri: - mob. +39 329 6518670

Donato Sica joined Badinotti Group as Controller
Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Donato Sica is hired as the new Controller of Badinotti Group.
"He has over 15 years of experience in Finance & Controlling area" said Giancarlo Badinotti, President of the Group,"and he worked with several multinational companies in different business segments :  cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical and textile".
"Donato replaces the role played by Paolo Tizzoni that left his operative position in the company but still in the Board" continues Carlo Badinotti, Badinotti Group's CMO
" he will take care the administrative and financial control of the branches wordlwide".

Welcome on board Donato.

EURO SEAFOOD 2013 - See you there!!!
Tuesday, March 05, 2013

As usual Badinotti Group will partecipated to the Seafood Processing Europe 2013 inside the Euroseafood Exhibition in Bruxells in 23-25 April.You are all invited in our booth n° 4-5822.
Contact us to received a VIP free entrance invitation coupon.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The second edition of Halieutis was held in the city of Agadir (Morocco) from the 13th of February till the 17th of February. Badinotti was represented by Samir Gazbar (aquaculture Division ) and Jon Espilla (fishing Division). "On one hand, the exhibition was very interesting for the fishing market  where we could meet some of the most important fish equipment suppliers but on the other hand although there is a big interest to develop aquaculture in Morocco, still there is  a lot of work to do" said Jon Espilla, "They need to change many laws and many studies have to be done in order to start the aquaculture sector" continues Samir Gazbar, "although we have had the chance to be since the most beginning of this aquaculture sector and it is always very interesting to take part of the starting projects"..

Pesquera Exalmar visits Badinotti Peru
Tuesday, January 08, 2013

"Just as our first commercial activity in this year 2013, we received on January 7th the visit of one of the biggest Fishing Companies in the Peruvian Market: Pesquera Exalmar S.A.A.", said Gustavo Rizo-Patron, General Manager of Badinotti Peru.

This is part of our Customer Service redefined strategy, trying to become a real partner for each of our customers and showing what we have, this is, a 50-year company with an impressive factory, a great team of professionals and a unique family environment.

We are planning to have the visit of most of our customers during this year 2013, the year of our 50th Anniversary., said Luis Portal, Sales Manager of Badinotti Peru.

In the picture from left to right: Alvaro Rodriguez (Production Manager - Badinotti Peru), Luis Portal (Sales Manager - Badinotti Peru), Jeniffer Moscoso (Local Sales Representative - Badinotti Peru), Fernando Angulo (Float Manager - Exalmar), Gunther Fillies (Head of Operations - Exalmar), Fredy Ocaña (Head of Maintenance), Miguel Rios (Purchase Executive), Gustavo Rizo-Patron (General Manager - Badinotti Peru).

Badinotti Group to double its efforts in the sales force in Norway
Sunday, December 09, 2012

Badinotti Group to double its efforts in the sales force in Norway.
"Mons O. Bjelkerøy started working in our group by December 1st" says Carlo Badinotti, Group CFO, " We intend to increase our efforts in the introduction of our products in this important market but traditionally addressed almost exclusively to local producers".
Mons, coming from his previuos working experience in RFG, will take care to the market of aquaculture in Western Norway, while Roar Holen, will take care to the Central and Northern Aquaculture Market and the fishery market for the whole territory.

For any further information:
Mons O. Bjelkerøy
Mob. +47 913 53226

Sales Managers Board 2012
Tuesday, December 04, 2012

In the last week of November was held the sales manager board 2012.
The event was in Slovakia and it was attended by 20 staff members of Badinotti Group over 10 different countries.
"We want to thank all of our Slovak colleagues who have worked in the excellent organization" says Alessandro Ciattaglia, Sale and Marketing Manager EMEA.
"The updating and sharing of problems and possible resolution, and very important," says Carlo Badinotti, Group CMO "The team building plays an important role in the cohesion of the group and the opportunity to be all together highlights realities and needs that are different depending on the markets concerned."
Badinotti Group carries out its business activities worldwide with factories and offices in 5 continents with over 1200 employees.

See you in 2013 in Peru!

MotorBike Racing Team!
Friday, October 26, 2012

"Finally Badinotti Group has its own racing team" proudly said Paolo Tizzoni, Group's CFO, " we have sponsored one of the best racing team in Switzerland: Wurst und Sauerkraut Lugano Moto Club."
"the preview launch of the new bike Honda Badinotti will be the next Emen Thal Gran-Prix 2012 in late November" continues Paolo Tizzoni, "Good luck guys!"

SIAT 2012 in Tunis (Tunisia)
Thursday, October 18, 2012

From October 10th to 13th October 2012 SIAT Exhibition was held in Tunis.
Several European suppliers of Aquaculture equipment and some of the biggest Tunisian fish farmers, partecipated to the Expo.
"We met some of our customers," says Alessandro Ciattaglia, Sales and Marketing Manager EMEA, "which proudly showed us numbers resulting from their latest productions."
Tunisia has about 22 fish farms in cages with a potential production that exceeds 15,000 tons.
"we also had many new contacts with other potential new farmers from neighboring North African countries" continues Alessandro Ciattaglia "This bodes well for the sales forecast of 2013."

See more pictures

Badinotti Chile at AQUASUR 2012
Tuesday, October 09, 2012

As usually, Badinotti Group will partecipate to the next edition of the International Exhibition Aquasur 2012, in Puerto Montt from October 10th to 13rd.
Visit us in our booth.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Charlie Hunter becomes the new agent of Badinotti Group in UK. He has a long experience in fishing nets making Trawl Nets since 1976.  He also pioneered the making of fish farm cage nets
using machine stitching from 1985. Charlie has owned and run Ocean Nets Ltd from 2004 selling cage nets and equipment to the aquaculture industry.
He will take care the nets sales and the marketing strategy in close cooperation with Alessandro Ciattaglia (Sales and Marketing Manager in Baidnotti Group) and Carlo Badinotti
(CMO of the Group) in the UK fish farming market.
Located in Shetland Islands he will be available to reply to any specific request both in fishing and in aquaculture equipment.
Welcome onboard Charlie!......

Brownell Twines has a new website
Monday, September 24, 2012

Badinotti recently launched its new website for the Brownell Twine division. For the convenience of their clients we introduced an online shopping cart. Brownell Twines have been the choice of Fishermen in the United states for the past century.
You are welcome on

NorFishing exhibition 2012 in Trondheim, Norway
Sunday, September 23, 2012

"We went to this fishing exhibition together with General Manager Gustavo Rizo-Patron and Sales Manager Luis Portal from Badinotti Peru", says Roar Hole Sales Manager Norway,
"This is the factory where we produce our core products for the fishing market; purse seine netting, ropes, twines and PVC floats.
We had only a small stand since we know most of our clients well, and are only selling to distributors in the Nordic countries.
During the exhibition we strengthened the relations to our existing clients, and even met a few new potential ones.
We also met clients from other countries such as Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Finland, Peru and others.
The feedback for our product quality and prices are good, so the future should be looking bright for us. All in all; a very well conducted exhibition".

See more pictures

Badinotti Chile and Badinotti Net Services Chile Innovate measuring Carbon Footprint
Saturday, September 01, 2012

Badinotti Chile and Badinotti Net Services Chile announce adoption of Standardized System for Measuring Carbon Footprint. This methodology measures and reports the emissions and will become part of Company’s policy of sustainability.

"We believe biosecurity and environmental sustainability will be the greater force of change on the industry in the next decades so we want to became leaders on this process in the part of the business that compete us" says Christian Torres, CEO of Badinotti Chile,

"Through this Project we seek to define a detailed map of the most important emissions on the production and net maintenances labors of our company, for develop a plan that will reduce them and will make more harmonic the bond between our organization, the society and the environment. 

We want to do our job in the right way, following a path of efficiency in our process, but also we look forward to develop actions in direct benefit of the community’s quality of living.

This initiative adds to our Environmental Certification under the ISO 14.001:2004 Norm in November 2011 and is in line with the general policy of the company to develop the best facilities and process of the industry, adopting the best technological practices, developing our human resources and operating with friendly process under environmental point of view."

"Easy Truck"
Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Badinotti Net Services Chile has created "Easy Track", a software of traceability that allows to the Customers  get information on line about their stock of nets in every stage of the process, including details about sites of origin, and destiny of every net, analysis of net movements and services between periods and access to disinfection documents, entry and exist waybills and other documents of interest for the client.

“This Software has been devoloped for our Costumers. With this tool they can easily get and recuperate information, so they can improve their logistic and their productivity. This software is an effective system for managing and controlling their nets stock", said Christian Torres, CEO of Badinotti Chile.

This Software adds to the implementation of the technological plataform SAP in september 2011 and is part of the global strategy of the company to adopt the best technological practices to provide solutions to the Clients.

New Technical Manager in Badinotti Chile
Friday, June 01, 2012

Mauricio Cerda Rosember, Aquaculture Engeneer from Los Lagos University and linked to the fishfarming industry for about 10 years, become the new Technical Manager of the company, said Christian Torres Frenzel, CEO Badinotti Chile S.A

Mauricio, who worked previously in Marine Harvest Chile and Pesquera El Golfo will be in charge to manage and control design and fabrication of nets pens built for national and international clients of Badinotti Chile S.A

New Agent for Spain, Portugal and Morocco
Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Since May 2012, Badinotti Group has incharged JON ESPILLA as its new Agent for Spain, Portugal adn Morocco.
Jon is already known in the Spanish market: started as Biologist and a master in Aquaculture he worked in Llyn aqua (UK), Biomar Spain, Pemarca a fish farming company, Enviromar and now as agent in Badinotti Group.

For more information:

Spain Peninsula:
Urkizu pasealekua 11 6 E
20600 Eibar
Gipuzkoa Spain

Canary Islands:
C/Hornera 18 2 D
38611 San Isidro
Granadilla de Abona
Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain

Telephone:+34 652766502

Seafood Processing Europe 2012 in Brussels
Monday, April 30, 2012

Carlo Badinotti (CMO), Alessandro Ciattaglia (Sales & Marketing Manager), attended to the last edition of Seafood Processing 2012.

"We had a new booth layout with a brand new video about the company presentation that were very appreciated by our gentle visitors" says Alessandro Ciattaglia "and as the last edition, even this year we found out a lot of interest in the worldwide fish farming acitivites by local promotors".

"Yes, it is true and Middle East seems to be the new interesting area for fish farming" says Carlo Badinotti, "a lot of promotors asked us to prepare feasability plans for turnkey projects. We are glad to say that now we have all the chances to be a global supplier for all the fish farming related equipment".

Monday, February 06, 2012

Badinotti Peru S.A following its growing plans for this year 2012, opened its first store focused in the Peruvian wooden vessel market (from 40 TM to 100 TM capacity) mainly dedicated to fish Anchovy in the Northern part of Peru. The store is located in Santa Rosa, a small fishing town located in Chiclayo city. From this location, Badinotti Peru wants to cover most of the fishing towns in the area.

“This is a new and a very attractive market for our products that now we are going to approach. This is just our first store, we are now evaluating to open at least one more this year looking for our consolidation in this market”, said Gustavo Rizo-Patron (General Manager, Badinotti Peru).
“We have a great location, very competitive prices, high quality products and a very well recognized brand: "RETEX" everything to succeed”, said Luis Portal (Sales Manager, Badinotti Peru).

Badinotti Group's Board in Puerto Montt
Monday, December 19, 2011

Badinotti Group has recently organized its first General Board in the Badinotti Chile's factory (Puerto Montt - Chile).

Among the participants, from left standing: Dave Hall (Director, Badinotti Net Services Canada), Martin Svarc (Plant Manager, Badinotti Slovakia), Paolo Tizzoni (CFO Badinotti Group), Kevin Onclin (CEO, Badinotti Net Services Canada), Giancarlo Badinotti (President , Badinotti Group), Carlo Badinotti (CMO Badinotti Group), Roberto Oyarzun (Sales Manager, Badinotti Chile), Christian Torres (CEO, Badinotti Chile), Ingolf Goetz (Sales Manager, North America Badinotti), Gustavo Rizo Patron (CEO, Badinotti Peru);
From bottom left: Alessandro Ciattaglia (Sales & Maketing Manager, Badinotti Group), Roar Holen (Sales Manager, Badinotti Norway), Torben Andersen (Technical Supervisor, Badinotti Group), Luis Portal (Sales Manager, Badinotti Peru).

"It was an excellent opportunity for a constructive and necessary exchange of ideas, since the Badinotti Group is now working on different continents where the markets and the needs are diversifying" says Giancarlo Badinotti.
"Being able to meet all the needs of a so varied and evolving market such as fish farming, it is our goal".

"It was also an appropriate time to strengthen and consolidate the work team", continues Carlo Badinotti,         "We saw positive results from this meeting and we do believe that, the Annual General Board, will become an annual event".

Happy New Year from all of us!!

                                                               See more pictures>>

Badinotti Nets Services Chile: first Net Loft in the World to achieve Environmental Certification ISO 14.001
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Badinotti Net Services Chile and Badinotti Chile have successfully completed the audit process conducted during the month of October that issued the international certification of environmental management system under ISO 14001:2004 This process was audited by the company Bureau Veritas Quality International and integrates the certification for its quality management system under ISO 9001:2008.
With this achievement, Badinotti Net Services became the first netlof in the world to achieve this environmental certification, ranking at the forefront in certifications of environmental management systems worldwide.

"We understand this environmental proactivity like a way to innovate and maintain our position as technological leadership and on the other hand, contribute the economical needs of the present do not damage the environment of our future generations" said Christian Torres, General Manager of Badinotti Chile. "We think biosecurity and environmental sustainability will be a major force of change in the industry and at the world in the coming decades. We have wanted to lead this process in our business, committed to develop our production processes taking care of our environment and constantly improving our environmental indicators".

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