| Submersible Cages

Product Description

Submersible cages allows farmers to use formerly, inaccesible exposed and unprotected farms, thus accessing more convenient locations.

At the same time farmers can achieve higher biological performance by lowering the risk of sea lice, algal blooms and low oxygen. Other benefits include lowering the possibility of theft and increasing survivability in high wave and ice flow situations.

OCEANIS is the Badinotti’s product trade name, of which we have two models currently available.


Oceanis 1 submersible cage technology combines typical features of circular cages when afloat, such as easy access and day by day management, with enhanced safety in high wave and ice flow situations when totally submerged.

Oceanis 1 is characterized by the flowing features

1.HDPE Compensation chambers in the floating ring (alternately flooded with seawater and evacuated with compressed air);

2. A ballast (sinker tube) located below the cage net and made with HDPE pipe filled with chain. The total weight is lower than the total buoyancy of the pipe.

The Oceanis 2 submersible cage is characterized by the following features:

1. Floating rings permanently sealed and filled with air surrounding and at the top of the net cage;
2. Compensation chamber (alternately flooded with seawater or evacuated with compressed air) located under the net cage; and a series of appropriate weights (ballast), generally made of chains, with a total weight greater than the buoyancy of the floating rings.

Sinking and surfacing is achieved by alternately filling and emptying the compensation chamber.