| Fishing nets

Product Description

Badinotti Group, with his extensive experience in the nets industry, has developed and offered different types of fishing nets, such as; braided or twisted knots nets, and knotless nets, which are intended to trawl fishery of anchovy, sardine, capelin and tuna.

Important improvements, and the support of new technologies, have allowed the company and the main subsidiaries in Perú, to position themselves as world leaders in the manufacture of yarns and nets for commercial purposes, for the aquaculture development and also for different industries, such as; sports and safety nets.

Likewise, Badinotti Net Perú, produces a great variety of lines, elaborated with diverse materials, such as; nylon, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, polysteel and combinations. The characteristics of twisting, braiding and combinations of the mentioned raw materials, allow us to offer a superior product, which is the result of a permanent work with our customers.