Badinotti´s New On Site Washing System

The new on-site washing system presented by Badinotti is characterized by generating low levels of noise, vibration and pollution, which means a sustainable process. In addition, it does not generate greater net damage, because the robot has no cables or other moving parts that get in contact with the net. This system slides along the walls of the cage and water jets are responsible for expelling algae and other forms of fouling.

This project was developed by a group of people with several years of experience in cleaning aquaculture nets, for this reason they designed a robot, with high buoyancy and stability to facilitate the operations and get high efficiency levels.

Furthermore, the robot was made to clean all the hard-to-reach places in the cages: corners, net stands, etc. without any impact on fish, reducing the stress caused by other kinds of equipment’s that are used in the aquaculture industry.

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