Badinotti acquires Pensito Adriatik in Croatia:


Christian Torres, Badinotti’s CEO, considers the recent acquisition of Croatian based Pensito Adriatik “as a new step towards our consolidation strategy”.  He adds, “our offer in fish containment and associated services for the aquaculture industry has been growing in recent years and the purchase of Pensito is consolidating the growth strategy of our market, maintaining the quality and commitment we have with the industry for over 100 years”, he says.

Pensito Adriatik is a company that sells products such as cages, as well as pontoons, pallets and plastic bins for the aquaculture industry.  It also provides cage assembly services.  “It is a company with a very good reputation and proximity to the countries where it serves. We have worked with them for several years in different projects, and they have always shown the utmost professionalism in their way of working”, adds the CEO.

The purchase was completed on November 15th.  Gustavo Rizo-Patrón,
COO of Badinotti, highlights how Pensito will complement Badinotti’s product offering: “with this transaction, we can continue to expand our reach in the European market and strengthen our cage unit, integrating more solutions for fish containment”.

Pensito Adriatik was founded in 2009 in Poreč Croatia and is one of the leading companies in Croatia in the Aquaculture Equipment supply. Since then, it has assembled more than 500 floating cages of different diameters ranging from 8 m to 40 m and built more than 50 floating pontoons and platforms.

Denis Muskovic, former owner of Pensito Adriatik, is now in charge as Operations Manager and he will take care of all the on-site work activities related to cage and marinas pontoons assembling.

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