Brownell Twine

The Badinotti Group of Companies is pleased to announce the acquisition of all intellectual assets, patents, trademarks, brands and processes of Brownell & Company, Connecticut, USA.

The Brownell & Company brand has a long and storied reputation with customers around the world for providing the very best in bowstrings and other associated archery products. The combination of the Brownell product line with Badinotti’s own Stringshot archery nets and experience with working with high performance fibers, forms a powerful new offering in the industry.

“We are off course very excited about the addition of Brownell” said Simon Proctor, General Manager of Badinotti North America, “Brownell has such a strong reputation for quality in the industry, and we are delighted to be able to offer both Brownell and Stringshot Products under the Brownell & Company brand with the same commitment to quality and performance” added Proctor

For further information please contact Mr. Ingolf Goetz, Sales and Marketing Manager for Badinotti North America at 705-730-0353 and also by email at  Customers may also visit the Stringshot/Brownell booth (#4403) at the Archery Trade Association exhibition being held from 9th to 11th January 2020, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis IN, United States.

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