Badinotti Group strengthens its global presence with the acquisition of PNP

August 1, 2023


[Milan, Italy] – Badinotti Group, a global company focused on providing solutions for secure containment structures, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Pacific Netting Product (PNP), a company specializing in the sale of nets and other containment structures based in Seattle, WA. This exciting acquisition marks a significant milestone in Badinotti Group’s vision of becoming a global company with a strong local presence. It brings us closer to our valued customers in North America and provides them with highly customized solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Christian Torres, CEO of Badinotti Group, is enthusiastic about this new growth phase: “We are excited to announce the acquisition of PNP, as it represents an important milestone in our global expansion strategy. This acquisition will allow us to strengthen our presence in the North American market and provide even more tailored solutions to the needs of our local customers. We are committed to delivering customized best-in-class products and services, and this acquisition will enable us to leverage our global expertise in the local market.”

Simon Proctor, General Manager of North America, who will assume the leadership of PNP, is excited about this new stage: “I am thrilled to integrate PNP under the Badinotti Group umbrella. This acquisition provides a unique opportunity to combine our knowledge and experience in the containment structures industry. We will work closely with the PNP team to ensure successful synergies and operational continuity. We look forward to collaborating with the talented PNP team and maximizing growth opportunities in North America.”

Simon Proctor, General Manager of North America, Dave Erickson, owner of PNP, and Christian Torres, CEO of Badinotti Group

Giancarlo Badinotti, Chairman of the Badinotti Group Board, emphasizes that this acquisition reinforces the company’s strategic vision: “We are delighted to announce the acquisition of PNP as part of our global growth strategy. With this acquisition, we strengthen our position in the North American market and reaffirm our commitment to leading the containment structures industry. We are excited about the future and the opportunities this acquisition brings us.”

Dave Erickson, owner of PNP and future advisor to Badinotti Group, shares his enthusiasm for this new stage: “I am excited to join Badinotti Group and continue working closely with the team. Badinotti Group has been our supplier since the early days of PNP, and we share a strong relationship of commitment, history, and friendship. I firmly believe in this acquisition’s potential to drive both companies’ growth and joint development. Together, we can leverage our strengths and complementary experiences to offer even more innovative and high-quality products and services in the North American market and expand PNP’s products to the rest of the world. I am eager to contribute to this exciting new phase.”

As part of the acquisition, Badinotti Group is committed to ensuring the continuity and development of existing talent in PNP. PNP employees will join an international group where professional growth and knowledge exchange will be fostered collaboratively.

Badinotti Group’s long-term vision is to consolidate and strengthen its presence in target markets, leading the containment structures industry towards a more engineering-focused approach and providing even safer and more advanced solutions. Through acquiring PNP, Badinotti Group aims to leverage commercial and knowledge synergies, allowing both teams to deepen product development and engineering and offer cutting-edge containment solutions.

Badinotti Group looks optimistically towards the future that awaits us after the acquisition of PNP. We are excited about the growth, innovation, and collaboration opportunities. We will leverage our strengths and expertise to take the containment structures industry to new heights.

Please get in touch with Simon Proctor (General Manager – North America) at (778) 560-2479 and should you have any questions about the acquisition or operations at PNP or Badinotti.

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