Badinotti Group adds another Integrated Solution: Inspection of Structures and Certification of Aquaculture Farming Centers

Badinotti Fish Containment Solutions in Chile

Our mission to satisfy the need for safe containment of fish now includes the Inspection of Structures and Certification of Aquaculture Farming Centers by our team of engineers with extensive experience in the modeling and analyzing secure containment structures. In addition, our expertise in the manufacture of nets, plastic and metal cages, and the mooring of centers allows us to provide reliable and systemic services for the certification of structures.

“The integration of this new service is part of our new business model ‘Badinotti 360’, which seeks to integrate the company’s different units into a single global service strategy to better satisfy the delivery of secure fish containment structures. In addition, this model seeks to understand and support our clients with better technical and engineering information to facilitate decision-making and internally generates a continuous feedback system for the development of new solutions”, said Christian Torres, Badinotti Group CEO.

Badinotti Marine Chile division offers the Farming Center Certification in two service categories.

“Since Badinotti has always relied on NS 9415 as a reference to its projects and facilities, the application of Exempt Resolution No. 1821 is a natural progression for us,” contributes Davide Caprile, Technical Manager, Badinotti Chile. The objective of Exempt Resolution No. 1821, the new regulation for certification of farming structures in Chile, is to avoid salmon escapes and sinking of farming centers.

By offering this service, Badinotti helps its customers focus on their core activities: production and sales. Establishing a strategic partnership results in meeting new requirements, such as Exempt Resolution No. 1821, and having complete security in the process.

For inquiries about Inspection of Structures and Certification of Aquaculture Farming Centers, please contact Davide Caprile (, Engineering Division Manager – Badinotti Chile.

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