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Badinotti Group S.p.A CEO, Christian Torres, recently presented Badinotti Group’s new corporate strategy by hosting various virtual meetings across Chile, Peru, Europe, and North America. On this occasion, the CEO also announced the incorporation of the role of CFO to the group, Raffaelle Apollonio.

For the past 8 years, Raffaele Apollonio has been with the Badinotti Group as the Financial Controller. He will now be the acting CFO and join the Badinotti Board of Directors. Christian Torres explains: “A global company with a local presence, such as Badinotti Group, needs a globalized and coordinated financial perspective for each of its business units which adheres to the Group’s new governance policies“. In addition, within the next year, Apollonio will be overseeing the implementation of a new Information Technology Unit; an ambitious project for the company’s digital transformation.

The new strategy presented by the CEO is based on four pillars that activate 10 strategic projects which will expand their impact across the company:

When we evaluate changes and trends in recent times, it is essential that we make structural changes. These changes are needed to gradually adapt to new scenarios and create new working systems. This will allow us to facilitate operations, financial control, and management of advanced corporate projects, as well as delivering greater value to our clients.”

The four strategic corporate pillars are:

  • Development of Value-Generating Solutions
  • Reliability
  • Sustainability
  • Global experience with a local presence

Badinotti’s global experience with a local presence has been proved by its long existence and this pillar will be further expanded in the next four years. To achieve this goal, Badinotti will boost its Marketing areas under the direct coordination of the CEO.

The innovative Global Product Development unit will be driven by Gustavo Rizo Patrón, Chief Operations Officer of the Badinotti Group.

The new strategy aligns with the reality of our present world, which calls for adaptive work which translates into shaping our culture and structures” affirms the CEO. Christian Torres concludes: “Trends have accelerated in recent years. With our new strategic plan, we will be able to better satisfy the need for safe and reliable fish containment structures for our customers”.

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