Badinotti Peru Changes Energy Matrix to Natural Gas

Badinotti Peru has recently invested in switching the energy source for its boilers. This switch from oil to natural gas will provide the following benefits:

  • Reduction of polluting emissions to the environment.
  • Safe energy due to its ample supply and demand.
  • An energy type that does not need to be stored.
  • Decrease in boiler maintenance costs since natural gas burns cleanly.
  • Economic savings due to the lower gas price per energy unit; a better calorific power-price ratio.
  • Cost savings average 45%.

Alvaro Rodriguez, Badinotti Peru Plant Manager comments: “From an environmental point of view, natural gas produces less CO2, does not emit particles in its combustion, and reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 80%. Using natural gas in our operations contributes to reducing the greenhouse effect. By switching to natural gas, we participate in the efforts to improve the air quality in our cities.”

Sustainability is a strategic pillar of the Badinotti Group. We develop products and services focused on helping our clients to contribute to the preservation and improvement of the environment and thus be able to preserve it for future generations.

For more information about Badinotti Peru visit their contact page.

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