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In 1825, Edward Brownell started a company in Moodus, Connecticut, where he supplied to twisted linen and nets to commercial fishermen. He founded Brownell & Company 19 years later in 1844. At that time, it primarily manufactured cloth dressings, adding cotton twine products soon after.

Crary, Edward’s grandson, set out to expand the business and find new markets. For the next 30 years, Brownell pioneered research & development in cotton zipper cord, nylon tire cord, Dacron, fiberglass for tire cord, and twisted carbon yarn.
In 1922, Crary attended an archery tournament and fell in love with the sport and Brownell & Company entered the archery industry. From that point forward, Brownell began making bowstring materials, quickly rising to become a world leader in the field.

Four generations oversaw the Brownell & Company legacy and they developed an outstanding reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

The Badinotti Group of Companies proudly announced the acquisition of Brownell & Company in 2019. The Brownell story continues with the additional resources of the Badinotti Group’s leading-edge fiber production.

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