Badinotti Net Services Canada

Badinotti Net Services Canada (BNSC) provides a variety of services. We offer washing and net repair service at two net loft locations and the in-situ washing of nets on-site at our clients’ locations.  In-situ washing is a cutting-edge process that enables large nets to be washed without ever having to be removed.

Our cleaning specialists take our fleet of state-of-the-art, super-stable catamaran-type vessels out to the nets.  They remotely pilot submersible cleaning robots which use spray jets to wash the netting. A specialized cleaning product, called Manta, is used to clean the nets without ever physically touching the net itself.

Net Products

BNSC  also offers new commercial fish farming nets or replacement nets which are manufactured by the Badinotti Group.  Two featured products are our AB-Lock Net Cage for In-Situ Washing and our DURAMAX Knotless HDPE Nets.  Click on the product name for more information.

The AB-Lock Net Cage for In-Situ Washing offers:

  1. Better abrasion resistance and less shrinkage
  2. Optional use of anti-fouling
  3. Increased anti-breaking strength
  4. Faster and easier in-situ washing
  5. Design of net cages can be tailored to client’s particular need and environment

DURAMAX Knotless HDPE Net stands above the competing brands for its:

  1. Abrasion tolerant
  2. UV Resistant
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Low shrinkage

Badinotti started making netting in 1910 and now operates production facilities in Chile, Peru and Slovakia.  Our production processes are certified with ISO 9001 and Norwegian NS9415 standards.  During these difficult times, our factories are in full operation utilizing World Health Organization personal safety protocols to manufacture and assemble our products.  Are you facing a constricted supply chain?  We are here to help.