Innovative Birdnet layout

Several fish farmers reported us huge problems in the bird protection system design as they generally prefer to use light netting.

Unfortunately Net has stressing and stretching movements in the cage and consequently rips off above all if the cages are located in offshore.
Some time it could mean also a fish escape.
But Improving netting strength sometimes generates breaks on the handrail pipes or in the brackets so this could not be the simplest solution.

Furthermore increasing twine makes the net fall into the water and consequently the fouling grows easily and in addition the UV radiation reduces the lasting of the plastic fibers.

These preconditions leaded us to test new ideas mainly focused in the assembling procedures.

We supposed that a more elastic behavior generates a lighter netting requirement.

We also thought that No top cross ropes are needed so we could have less break risk on the handrail.

Furthermore if we use the elastic design we can use a lighter netting that requires a simpler support.

We also supposed to improve the UV resistance and the waterproofing with Special Resin Treatment.

We started a cooperation with the Research Institute SINTEF to test a new layout.

See the video in the link below.

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