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Badinotti Marine Chile provides mooring services throughout the Chilean coast, with a fleet of 11 vessels specially equipped to handle the most unfavorable conditions.

We offer a wide variety of marine services for the aquaculture industry to meet the needs of our customers. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment as well as highly trained personnel to ensure work is completed to the highest standards.


Badinotti Marine Chile

Ruta El Tepual Km. 9.3
Puerto Montt, Chile

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Products & Services

 The correct equipment and vessels combined with the high level of experience of our crews and the administrative staff, allows our company to provide the following services and products:

  • Inspection & Certification of Aquaculture | Fish Farm Centers
  • Engineering Services: design and consulting
  • Structures Simulation
  • Mooring Services and Support
  • Cages systems for aquaculture
  • Plastic, Steel and Submersible Cages
  • Tug Hire & Transportation Services
  • Aquaculture Equipment
  • Installation of aquaculture equipment
  • Repair & Maintenance services
  • Net removal and installation
  • Harvesting support

Team Members

Alex Gildemeister

General Manager

Jose Luis Valenzuela

José Luis Valenzuela

Commercial Manager –
Services Division

Davide Caprile

Davide Caprile

Engineering Division Manager

Christian Hidalgo

Christian Hidalgo

Operations Manager –
Marine Division

Héctor Escobar Delgado, Ingeniero de Proyectos | Projects Engineer

Héctor Escobar

Projects Engineer

Jorge Mayorga, Jefe de Flota y Mantención | Float and Maintenance Manager

Jorge Mayorga

Float and Maintenance Manager

Pablo Guerra, Jefe de Servicio |Service Manager

Pablo Guerra

Service Manager

Javier Alejandro Tapia Kehsler

Technical Manager