Badinotti MARINE EUROPE Badinotti Marine Europe d.o.o.

Badinotti Marine is the business unit in charge of anchoring, engineering, and manufacturing cages. Its value proposition is focused on the traceability of its processes, experience, and professionalism.

The Badinotti Group acquired a leading aquaculture equipment supply company, Pensito Adriatik (Porec, Croatia) in 2019.  Pensito Adriatik was founded in 2009 and has assembled more than 500 floating cages ranging from 8 m to 40 m and built more than 50 floating pontoons and platforms. 

Badinotti Marine Europe d.o.o. offers cage assembly services in addition to providing aquaculture equipment and net products.

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Badinotti Marine Europe d.o.o

Mate Vlasica 39
52440 Porec, Croatia

Phone: + 385.52.434.520
Fax: + 385.52.434.094


Products & Services

Badinotti Fish Containment Solutions
Fish Containment Solutions

We offer aquaculture equipment, assembly services, and a variety of net products.

  • Mooring & Siting Services
  • Aquaculture Engineering Services
  • Turn-Key Aquaculture & Fish Farm Projects
  • HDPE Cages (8m – 50m diameter)
  • HDPE Pontoons
  • HDPE Brackets
  • Isothermal Bins
  • Buoys
  • Welding Services of HDPE Pipes
  • Cage Assembly Services
  • Aquaculture Nets
Badinotti Installers
Fish Containment Solutions Netting

Team Members

Alessandro Ciattaglia

Alessandro Ciattaglia

Division Manager –
Badinotti Marine Europe


Patrik Kocijancic

Patrik Kocijancic
Land Team Leader

Kristian Babic

Kristian Babic
Welding Services

Veronika Cabraja

Veronika Cabraja
Office Manager | Finance