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Badinotti Chile is located in Puerto Montt, just over 1,000 kms south of Santiago, Chile’s capital.  The ISO 9001 certified production facility is 6,930 sq. meters with an office area of 330 sq. meters.  The factory opened in 2001 and recently celebrated 20 years of continuous operation. 

Presently, Badinotti Chile employs 100 staff members to support the administrative and production roles in producing quality products.  Products manufactured at this location are varied and they include a variety of netting created from
Nylon (28 sizes), Polyester (8 sizes), Dyneema® (8 sizes), and HDPE (8 sizes) materials.

Due to Chile being the second exporter of salmon worldwide, the majority of Badinotti Chile products supply domestic clients. The factory also supplies international aquaculture clients.20


Badinotti Net Chile S.A.

Ruta El Tepual Km. 9.3
Puerto Montt, Chile

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The production and manufacturing of our nets are of the highest quality. Our products are submitted to rigorous testing throughout the production phases.

These procedures are certified under international standards including the ISO 9001 standard and the Norwegian certification NS9415 standards.

Team Members

Alex Gildemeister

General Manager

Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia

Plant Manager

Jorge Flores

Jorge Flores

Commercial Manager

Ma. Olga Millanao

Chief of Quality Assurance Dpt and I+D

Javier Tapia

Javier Alejandro Tapia Kehsler

Service Division Manager

Manuel Barrientos

Manuel Barrientos

Accounting and Finance Manager

Marco Vásquez

Human Resources Manager

Cristian Vásquez

Key Account Manager

Hugo Soto

Key Account Manager