Badinotti Marine Engineering & Simulations

The Badinotti Group’s engineering department is made up of professionals from different countries and areas of expertise. Due to this, our approach is multifaceted to cage design and development, mooring systems, and other aquaculture structures required by the market. We can offer innovative solutions for fish farmers all over the world.

Badinotti Group has made a great investment in hiring and training the most experienced engineers and providing them with state-of-the-art technology, to supply our clients with the best possible solutions for their engineering requirements.


Reliable and cost-effective designs rely on high-quality data. So, when you are thinking about your siting needs, why not rely on the same company that will calculate your cages and moorings?

At Badinotti our experienced oceanographers can map your seabed and measure your farm’s currents reliably, with the most up-to-date equipment.


Our engineers have more than 15 years experience weather conditions. No matter what and where you want to moor your farm, we have probably done something similar before. To enhance this experience, we use the most up-to-date specialized simulation packages to ensure the final result is just like you planned it to be.

By investing in professional mooring services you ensure that your aquaculture center or fish farm is not under-designed or expensively over-designed – make it just right – and rest assured!


Cage assembling, cage towing to the grid mooring system, mooring installation, net installation in the cage frame, sinker tube assembly and installation are all crucial operations that have to be carried out by qualified staff.

et Badinotti deal with the HDPE pipes and welding for your cage assembling. We have experience building cages and installing mooring systems all over the world, quickly and efficiently.

Reliable partners for over 100 years delivering solutions worldwide