Badinotti Marine Mooring Buoys

Badinotti provides a wide range of mooring Buoys made of rotomolded Polyethylene medium density and filled with EPS. ​

A heavy-duty hot dip steel pipe is mounted into the buoy shell and houses a hot dip long link through chain. A wide range of buoyancy is available: 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3200 and 4400 ltrs.​

Mooring buoys are also available in Polyester + Polysteel combination using a rope as alternative to the steel chain. They are also available with an expanded Polyurethane foam filling.​

The standard color is Red/Orange. Other colors are available upon request for an additional cost.​

Mooring Buoy ck2500


Mooring Buoy ck1200


Mooring Buoys ck1600


Mooring Buoys ck2000


Mooring Buoy ck2500


Mooring Buoy ckq2200


Mooring Buoy ckq4400


Technical Specifications

Description​ CK800​ CK1200​ CK1600​ CK2000 ​ CK2500​ CKQ2200​ CKQ4400 ​ 
Buoy shape​ Double Conical​ Double Conical​ Double Conical​ Double Conical​ Double Conical​ Double Pyramidal​ Double Pyramidal​ 
Buoy Diameter/side mm​ Æ1295​ Æ1415​ Æ1295​ Æ1415​ Æ1415​ 1800​ 1800​ 
Buoy Length mm​ 1105​ 1375​ 1630​ 1735​ 2045​ 1050​ 2100​ 
O.A. Length mm​ 1775​ 2045​ 2300​ 2405​ 2715​ 1465​ 2608​ 
Pipe + Chain through Material​ Hot Dip Steel​ Hot Dip Steel​ Hot Dip Steel​ Hot Dip Steel​ Hot Dip Steel​ Hot Dip Steel​ Hot Dip Steel​ 
Buoyancy Ltrs​ 700​ 1100​ 1400​ 1850​ 2300​ 2000​ 4000​ 
Weight Kg​ 90​ 115​ 120​ 158​ 184​ 280​ 560​ 
Shell Thickness​ 8 and 10mm​ 8 and 10mm​ 8 and 10mm​ 8 and 10mm​ 8 and 10mm​ 8 and 10mm​ 8 and 10mm​ 
Filling​ Expanded Polystyrene​ Expanded Polystyrene​ Expanded Polystyrene​ Expanded Polystyrene​ Expanded Polystyrene​ Expanded Polystyrene​ Expanded Polystyrene​ 
Swivel​ Optional​ Optional​ Optional​ Optional​ Optional​ Optional​ Optional​