Badinotti Marine Plastic Cages

The floating frame system supports a few meters deep netting containing farmed fish. Cages are certainly an efficient alternative to other types of farming such as concrete or pond tanks. These facilities do not need pumping, heating, or water filtering; fish can live in their habitat while remaining in an enclosed area. 

We offer a wide variety of circular cages, between 15 and 50m in diameter, and plastic brackets with different designs that adapt to each client’s needs.

We offer two- and three-tube cages, between 250mm and 500mm.

Features & Advantages

Range of Brackets

We supply a wide range of Plastic (rotomoulded, injected or welded) or hot-dip galvanized Steel brackets. 

Turn-Key Projects

If you are looking for a full service experience for your fish farm, we’re experienced in turn-key projects for both floating and submersible cages.

Siting & Mooring Needs

New farm facilities require siting, mooring calculations, design, and installation. Badinotti is equipped to handle these needs in addition to providing the most suitable cages.