Badinotti Marine Steel Cages

Badinotti offers its clients a complete array of metal cages. Our models are compatible with others on the market and are modular, which allows for assembly in 20 x 20,  30 x 30, and 40 x 40m sizes. 

Steel cages are designed with resistance, durability, and strength in mind. Each cage component has been analyzed and redesigned using the feedback process of the Badinotti 360 service model.  Our containment integrated solutions are designed to maximize resistance to waves and currents and can be installed in exposed areas.

We offer cages with 1-, 2-, and 3-meter-wide walkways. 

Specialized consulting services are readily available for discussion of future projects. Badinotti also offers cage maintenance services and aquaculture structure certifications.

Features & Advantages

Badinotti Steel Cage Design
Badinotti Marine Steel Cage Simulation

Compatibility & Security

Even though our customers are well accustomed to our recognized raft products, there have been several improvements. 

In particular, the Badinotti raft weighs a little more than the competitor’s offer. We have introduced reinforcements in specific areas which have been known for years to have regular failures.

These reinforcements improve both operational and maintenance costs. 

Badinotti Steel Cage Railings

Stronger & Standard Railings

The rails used in our cage designs are shorter than those of the competition. 

Why is this an advantage? 

A shorter length results in stiffer, stronger guard rails for daily farm operations. With an improved design for the wedge area where the railings are installed, we offer more supportive and resistant railings. 

Badinotti Steel Cage Reinforcements

Reinforcements in Critical Areas

We have added reinforcements with the goal of strengthening cage walkways. Reinforcements have been added in critical areas of the crosses, the T, and the walkways’ ends. 

This makes it possible to strengthen these crucial areas and better withstand stresses concentrated in connections and weak points.

Badinotti Marine - Steel Cage Float

Capacity to add Floats

Our walkways can easily accommodate a greater number of floats without having to make changes to the cage.

Customers can choose between two types of roto-molded floats or blown pontoons.

Badinotti cage designs


Badinotti cage designs can be fitted to existing cage modules made by other cage suppliers.

Badinotti Marine Cage Pin


We focus on design simplicity for our cages.  Components usually include two types of floats, two types of railings, and only two walkway lengths. 

On average, this means 9 pins less on a regular cage (for a 3-pin walkway).