Badinotti Marine Submersible Cage – OCEANIS 1

The technology used in OCEANIS 1 submersible cage best combines the typical features of a floating cages, such as the easy access and management during the day by day farming activities, with the safety in terms of resistance to force of the wave-motion allowed by a totally submersed position.

The OCEANIS 1 cage design is a result of more than 20 years of offshore fish farming experience.


The OCEANIS 1 is characterized by the following features:

  1. Compensation chamber in the HDPE walkway pipes (alternately floodable by water or filled by air) located over the cage net and at the waterline;
  2. A ballast (sinker tube) is located below the cage net and made with an HDPE pipe filled with chains. The total weight is lower than the total buoyancy of the pipe.

The cage sinks by opening the air and water valves. The water pressure pushes out the air contained in the HDPE walkway pipes. The lower ballast facilitates the sinking procedure. To make the structure float, the reverse procedure is carried out. The inflow of air through the valves in the pipes pushes out water that was previously inside the HDPE pipes. The air pressure can be supplied with underwater bottles and/or a low-pressure compressor of at least 300 lt/min. in outflow, with a tank of at least 100 liters approx. The cage floats when all the air valves are closed. 


The mooring system is the same used in floating cages: a grid mooring system. The reticular system is one of the best cost-effective ratio mooring layout among all systems used in cage farming market.

The difference is a double buoys line: main mooring buoys withstand the forces by the anchors and the grid mooring buoys hold the cage weight while submerged.

Fish Containment Solutions Mooring


By OCEANIS 1, all the activities involved in the ordinary running of farms, like harvesting, sampling for biometric measurements and any other related actions are carried out, directly while the cage is in a floating position on the water surface.

In order to facilitate the handling procedures, the cage net is fitted with a “removable” net lid in the top. 

The net roof is equipped with a marine zipper (ultimate Breaking Load = 4000 kg per linear mt) and is easily removable.

Fish Containment Solutions Oceanis 2


Environment: Offshore

  • Minimum Depth: 40 mt
  • Minimum Cage Diameter: 25 mt
  • Maximum Cage Diameter: 50 mt
  • Maximum Recommended Net Depth: 12 mt
Fish Containment Solutions Oceanis 1

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