Badinotti Net Fishing Nets

Badinotti Group, with its vast experience in the fishing industry, is capable of developing and offering different types of nets for fishing, such as knotted nets and knotless nets, which are mostly intended for anchovy, mackerel, sardine, tuna, and other deep-sea fish.

Knotted nets are manufactured with twisted or braided thread and have multiple applications in different fishing arts, such as purse seining, bottom-trawling, and others.  

Raschel knotless nets are also used for purse seining on smaller vessels.

Anchovy Nets

At Badinotti Peru we manufacture knotted and knotless anchovy fishing nets. The knotted nets come as twisted and braided types.

Sardine Nets

Sardine nets are knotted and knotless and they are optimized for the open ocean application. All nets are manufactured by Badinotti Peru.


Badinotti offers an integrated service system, which includes net manufacturing and maintenance, the best solution for managing and caring for your nets.

This service model is based on the company’s core service elements: delivering integrated solutions that create value, reliability, sustainability, and global experience with a local presence.

Our services include:

  • Shipping and unloading the nets
  • Repair evaluation and proposal (repair map and proposal map)
  • Net repair and presentation of the report and final map
  • Permanent monitoring: loading and evaluating the nets and equipment at the fishing site
  • Onboard accident assistance
  • Ongoing technical consulting

For example, our 11,000 square meter net workshop, located in Peru, has specialized equipment that provides efficient management of all our clients’ nets. 

We have a staff of fishing industry engineers and specialized technicians with vast experience in the integrated management of fishing nets and the manufacturing of aquaculture cages.

Quality Control

Quality control systems applied in Badinotti are completely integrated and allow us to ensure uniform quality in all batches produced. This has created a leading position for our products. 

Research & Development

Our Research and Development area works very closely with the technical and production teams.  They take all the clients’ experiences and develop improvement and innovation plans for each of our clients.

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Technical Support

We have a professional team of engineers and technicians and external first-line consultants who respond to the demands of market technical information.  With sensor measurements and the use of special software, plus onboard observation, we deliver customers with fishing gear performance reports.

Not only do we perform net evaluations; we also repair, assemble, and ship the nets back to you. 


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