Badinotti Net Anchovy Nets

At Badinotti Peru we manufacture knotted and knotless nets. Each batch (“bundle”) is coded from the beginning of production and this identifier remains on the final product which allows product traceability. Encoding provides the product details, the production date and even the loom on which the product was made at any time. The quality controls within our production process result in our nets having excellent performance in fishing operations.

Knotted Nets

Badinotti Fishing Nets

To make nets with knots, there are two alternatives of threads: twisted and braided. Using one or another type of thread will depend on:

  • Thread count
  • Type of fishing activity
  • Knot position within the net

One of the main advantages of knotted nets is that with the same degree of thread count in comparison to knotless nets, they occupy less volume. For this reason, nets with high thread counts are usually knotted nets.

CountMesh SizeTwine TypeDeep (mesh)Weight (Kg/Fathom)Strength (Kgf)Finish TypePickUp Finish (%)
210/91/2″Twisted3600.6316.06Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/121/2″Twisted4051.0723.24Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/159/16”Twisted3601.1529.74Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/189/16”Twisted3601.4935.69Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/219/16”Twisted3601.8342.83Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/249/16”Twisted3602.1546.73Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/279/16”Twisted3602.5554.16Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/309/16”Twisted3602.8556.68Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/339/16”Twisted3603.2466.95Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/369/16”Twisted3603.5569.13Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/429/16”Twisted3604.2985.00Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/485/8”Twisted3604.8599.93Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/405/8”Braided3603.974.89Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/485/8”Braided3604.8599.93Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/565/8”Braided3605.75116.00Dyed & Tarred8.00
CountMesh SizeTwine TypeDeep (mesh)Weight (Kg/Fathom)TypeFinish TypePickUp Finish (%)
210/1802″Braided1.500.08ZipperDyed & Tarred8.00
210/1802″Braided2.500.13ZipperDyed & Tarred8.00
210/1802″Braided4.500.26Float GarneringDyed & Tarred8.00
210/1803 1/2″Braided301.13Lead GarneringDyed & Tarred8.00
210/2402″Braided1.500.14ZipperDyed & Tarred8.00
210/2402″Braided2.500.20ZipperDyed & Tarred8.00
210/2402″Braided4.500.34Float GarneringDyed & Tarred8.00
210/2402″Braided5.500.37Float GarneringDyed & Tarred8.00
210/2402″Braided100.74Float GarneringDyed & Tarred8.00
210/2403 1/2″Braided301.67Lead GarneringDyed & Tarred8.00
210/3602″Braided1.500.23ZipperDyed & Tarred8.00
210/3602″Braided2.500.28ZipperDyed & Tarred8.00
210/3602″Braided4.500.52Float GarneringDyed & Tarred8.00
210/3603 1/2″Braided302.57Lead GarneringDyed & Tarred8.00
CountMesh SizeTwine TypeDeep (mesh)Weight (Kg/Fathom)Finish TypePickUp Finish (%)
210/964″Braided1001.70Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/1284″Braided1002.27Dyed & Tarred8.00
210/1444″Braided1002.72Dyed & Tarred8.00

Knotless (Raschel)Nets

Our history as the inventor of this type of net – the knotless net – does give us a headstart in offering a differentiated product. The advantages of this type of net are:

  • No knot slippage
  • Being a flat fabric, the friction forces are distributed over a larger area
  • Can be quickly repaired
  • A greater resistance in comparison to the knotted net with the same count
CountMesh SizeTwine TypeDeep (mesh)Weight (Kg/Fathom)Strength (Kgf)Finish TypePickUp Finish (%)
51/2″Knotless3900.326.76Dyed & Tarred8.00
91/2″Knotless3900.4616.09Dyed & Tarred8.00
101/2″Knotless3900.6217.85Dyed & Tarred8.00
121/2″Knotless3900.7424.23Dyed & Tarred8.00
129/16″Knotless3900.8624.23Dyed & Tarred8.00
151/2″Knotless3900.9826.53Dyed & Tarred8.00
159/16″Knotless3901.0526.53Dyed & Tarred8.00
181/2″Knotless3901.0431.86Dyed & Tarred8.00
189/16″Knotless3901.0831.86Dyed & Tarred8.00
211/2″Knotless3901.1838.02Dyed & Tarred8.00
241/2″Knotless3901.3645.37Dyed & Tarred8.00
249/16″Knotless3901.7545.37Dyed & Tarred8.00
271/2″Knotless3902.0448.92Dyed & Tarred8.00
279/16″Knotless3902.3048.92Dyed & Tarred8.00
301/2″Knotless3902.6054.42Dyed & Tarred8.00
309/16″Knotless3902.6054.42Dyed & Tarred8.00
369/16″Knotless3902.7561.14Dyed & Tarred8.00

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