Badinotti NetNet Cages

Badinotti Group started manufacturing nets for the aquaculture and fishing industries in 1910.

Our first nets were made in Milan, Italy, and production has now expanded to Chile, Peru, and Slovakia.  Each manufacturing hub specializes in nets to meet specific market needs.

Under strict parameters, our service facilities can assemble cages of different dimensions and characteristics, both for floating and submersible cages.  In addition, our various locations worldwide give our customers the flexibility to have shorter lead times and lower transportation costs.

Quality Nets

All Badinotti Group facilities are equipped with top grade quality control labs, responsible for carrying out rigorous tests of the raw materials used. We also control the production process to ensure a final product that meets the specifications required.

These procedures are validated and certified under international standards such as ISO 9001 and the Norwegian certification NS9415.

What is NS9415 certification? 

Use this link to download the various NS9415 requirements. 


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Our Net Product Lines