Badinotti Net Net Design

Badinotti´s engineering department provides expert guidance and support to all other areas of the company. Safety is the main driver for its activities, as well as functionality and efficiency of all our product lines. The enginereing department also offers direct support to the company´s customers, especially in the design of fish containment structures, including moorings, cages, and nets. 

In addition to the specialized knowledge of our engineers and the state-of-the-art technology we use, customers can benefit from the department’s vast work experience in a dozen countries covering all types of needs and species.


Badinotti combines an enviable experience in nets, cages, and moorings which few companies can offer today. Use this ability to your advantage and let us bear the burden of complete responsibility for your farm. 

We will do everything from siting to design, from engineering to installation, mooring materials to cages, nets to navigation buoys. Share the load with us and do what you do best, farm fish, while we do the rest.

Reliable partners for over 100 years delivering solutions worldwide


At Badinotti we have accumulated over 100 years of experience building net cages with the latest simulation technology. Now, after several hundred net simulations, our highly trained engineers can make your life easier by ensuring your nets behave just as you want them to.

Let us show you how we can design your nets to your precise needs. 

We review much more than just resistance. We can discuss the available volume under high currents, and whether your lift will work with the weight distribution you have on the bottom of the net cage.

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