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AB-Lock® knotless net has been specifically designed for in situ washing demands. In situ cleaning can reduce the net breaking strength and also decrease the net’s lifespan by up to 50%.

Deficient net engineering and production can bring future problems such as a higher risk of fish escapes and difficulties with in situ washing processes. Avoid these problems by partnering with Badinotti from design to production of your next project.

Combinet® has been designed for Cage and Predator Nets.  Predators such as seals, sea lions and sharks can cause serious damage to cage nets and significant losses to aquaculture and fish farm production. Once nets are damaged, tears can result in fish escapes.

Badinotti’s Duramax knotless HDPE nets combat abrasion. Abrasion is a universal problem and affects a net’s breaking load and lifecycle.  Duramax is an extremely resistant net which can weather prolonged the factors of humidity, temperature gradients, UV radiation and abrasion.

Badinotti is one of the few authorised suppliers of 100% genuine Dyneema® product from DSM. This product is ideal for applications in Sea Bream, Sea Bass and Salmon farms. Badinotti boasts extensive experience with installations in the Mediterranean Region with this net material.

On a global basis, Polyamide (or Nylon) material is one of the most commonly used materials in the Aquaculture segment. Nylon, like Polyester, provides a good balance of material strength and durability at a lower acquisition cost when compared to UHMWPE products. Badinotti has a depth of experience with installations of Nylon products throughout the world for all types of species.

Polyester is a popular product in Aquaculture applications such as Tilapia farming. However, polyester can be considered for other species depending on the specific fish species requirement. Polyester provides good abrasion resistance and higher resistance to UV exposure when compared to Nylon.