Badinotti NETDuramax HDPE Netting

Badinotti Duramax HDPE Netting

Abrasion is a problem that affects a net’s breaking load and lifetime, especially for washing nets on-site with high-pressure systems. To address this issue, Badinotti developed Duramax, a knotless HDPE net with a very high abrasion-resistant quality.

Duramax’s key differentiator is the thicker and stronger monofilaments used to make the net.  The result is a net that is extremely resistant to abrasion and can better withstand other damaging elements such as humidity, temperature gradients, and UV radiation.

Product Information

  • Badinotti produces standard titles with varying weights and breaking loads.*
  • Our standard range, average single mesh breaking loads of between 24kg – 310kg.
  • The standard knot is the standard product, and Badinotti is one of the few European producers of the knotless Polyester net with the Super Knot style.
  • Anti-Fouling can be applied to HDPE material if the local conditions and washing techniques require it.
  • Various resin products can be applied to enhance the longevity of the material.
  • White is the standard color for Duramax. Black and other dyed colors can be custom ordered by the client’s request.

*Badinotti also collaborates with clients based on their specific needs.

Badinotti Duramax HDPE Netting

Why Choose Duramax?

Badinotti Duramax Net

Abrasion Tolerant

Duramax is the net with the highest resistance to abrasion due to the thickness of the net’s monofilaments. 

Badinotti Duramax Net

UV Resistant

Duramax net has the highest resistance capacity against UV rays.

Badinotti Duramax Net


A long-lasting net life with a lower breaking strength loss vs the main competing brand.

Badinotti Duramax Net

Low Shrinkage

Duramax has very low shrinkage levels allowing slack-free nets to improve On Site Washing efficiency.