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polyester plus

Polyester is a popular product in aquaculture applications such as Tilapia farming. However, Polyester can also be used for other species depending on the specific fish farming requirement.

Traditionally, Polyester is the fiber with the lowest price per kilogram. Lower costs can provide for more affordable nets,  even though polyester is heavier than nylon at the same resistance level.

Lower Shrinkage

Polyester offers a lower shrinkage rate for many cycles compared to nylon; polyester is a bulkier material. To reach the same breaking load as nylon, the weight of polyester will be greater.  This can be compensated with the application of resinous products or our AB-Lock® net product. AB-Lock® ensures greater abrasion resistance and less shrinkage throughout the cycle.


Product Information

  • Badinotti produces standard titles with varying weights and breaking loads.* 
  • Our standard range, average single mesh breaking loads of between 24kg – 310kg.
  • The standard knot is the standard product and Badinotti is one of the few European producers of the knotless Polyester net with the Super Knot style.
  • Anti-Fouling can be applied to Polyester material if the local conditions and washing techniques require it.
  • Various resin products can be applied to enhance the longevity of the material.
  • White is the standard color for Polyester. Black and other dyed colors can be custom ordered at the client’s request.

*Badinotti also collaborates with clients based on their specific needs.

polyester plus

Why Choose POLYESTER Plus?

Badinotti Polyester Plus

Breaking Resistance 

This product offers high resistance to breaking and is more elastic as compared to UHMWPE products.

Badinotti Fish Containment Solutions - Polyester Net

Abrasion Resistance

Because polyester is heavier than nylon, to reach the same level of resistance to traction, the diameter of the net bars is thicker, giving it greater abrasion resistance.

Badinotti Fish Containment Solutions POLYESTER Net

UV Resistance & Flexibility

Polyester products provide very good UV resistance compared to nylon.  Allows for the use of antifouling paints and onsite cleaning.