Badinotti Net PVC Floats

The floats manufactured by Badinotti Peru S.A. are made of PVC, a material that, due to its resistance, offers the following advantages:

  • Increased buoyancy
  • Less loss of buoyancy over the lifetime of the float

PVC floats provide excellent buoyancy and have a longer product life in comparison to floats made with different raw materials.

In this line of products, we continue to maintain leadership in the Peruvian market. In addition, due to our business model of constant research, innovation, and development, Badinotti Peru S.A. has been able to conquer demanding international markets such as those of Norway, Brazil, and Ecuador.

DIMENSIONSInternal Diametermm101526282742
in2/59/1611 1/911 2/3
External Diametermm7662158215230259
in32 7/1668 1/2910 1/5
in1 1/22 5/84 1/85 2/39 2/311
BOUYANCYWater Thrust Forcekg-f0.160.181.503.8079.60
DENSITYBulk Densityg/l901129590100105
STRENGTHBreaking Loadkg-f26060012001400
PACKAGING DIMENSIONSHeightmm215550740590740825

Note: Buoyancy data has been collected using the R-ME – 8.2/05 Method. This method has been developed by Badinotti Peru S.A.
* Breaking strength does not apply to these models

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