| Antifouling

Product Description

The nets coating is very common in the aquaculture industry, since it allows to waterproof and add greater durability to the cages, improving their overall performance. Badinotti Group provides all types of net coating for the industry, based on water or another product, being the antifouling the most used. This is supplied by our exclusive provider, the Norwegian company Steen Hansen and its Aquanet series.

The AquaNet series is a water-based antifouling system, designed for fish farming nets, result of 30 years of experience, development and tests carried out in close cooperation with the aquaculture industry. The range of products offered in this series has been specifically developed to provide complete net protection throughout its useful life.
The Antifouling impregnation service is granted by Badinotii Group in its Services Stations located in Canada, Chile and Slovakia.