| Mooring services

Product Description

Mooring systems are very important and critical for the proper functioning of farming facilities. They maintain the position of the cages and other structures, at a specific point on the marine surface, through all environmental conditions occurring where the concession is located.

Our company Badinotti Marine, provides mooring services throughout the Chilean coast, with a fleet of 8 vessels that have all the necessary equipment to deal with the tasks in the southernmost areas of the world and against the most unfavorable conditions. The proper equipment and vessels combined with the high level of experience of the crews and the administrative staff, allows our company to provide a complete and professional top quality service.

The design of mooring systems is carried out by our experienced engineers, with in depth knowledge of aquaculture who make up the Badinotti Engineering Department. Complex cutting-edge technology is utilized for the mooring systems analysis by our team for different structures.