| On Site Nets Washing

Product Description

The incrustation of marine organisms in fish farming nets and protection, is a problem for the aquaculture industry. The nets periodic cleaning provides our customers a significant improvement in the quality of their growing environment, allowing a greater water flow through the nets (oxygen), in addition to reducing the risks of net breakage and / or force dynamics not modeled in the anchorages.

In addition to washing nets in our workshops, Badinotti Group has been concerned with developing other cleaning systems that adapt to the industry needs and preferences. This is how, today, Badinotti Services Canada provides on-site washing service.

On site washing (OSW) is performed by a boat adapted with the Disk Cleaner MPI system. This system includes a crew trained to operate ships equipped with high pressure discs, which can use manual and remote operated cleaners.

Badinotti Services Canada, offers contract services with regular cycle and scheduled cleanings to eliminate the organic growth of nets used in aquaculture production, which guarantees an optimum water flow for fish farming.