| Safety Nets

Product Description

Security at the workplace and throughout recreation areas has grown significantly in the past years. The laws and the standards recently introduced, are more rigorous both in the European Community and in individual Countries.

Badinotti’s netting is approved to meet the standards for safety nets in the European community.
Badinotti protective netting is produced with raschel double front looms. The smooth surface, given the lack of knots, prevents possible injury to people or damage to things on impact.
Studies show double face netting with equal resistance to single face netting (used in fish farming nets) offers a greater sense of safety, due to the visible constancy of the volume of the net itself. The netting is available in diameters from 2.3mm to 5 mm.

Protective netting is classified according to application: Personnel safety nets or debris nets to prevent people or objects from falling from sky runs, bridges or buildings.

Badinotti personnel safety nets for North America, are made from knotted netting and meet OSHA safety standards.

Net protection is also used in the sport courts like golf or baseball.

Badinotti produces a range of knotted and knotless netting for this market. Our knotted nets are dyed under high pressure to ensure that the net is dyed throughout the knot. In addition to the traditional choice of Nylon, Badinotti offers Polyester and UHMWPE .