Badinotti Services ROV Mooring Maintenance Control

Mooring Calculation and Design Report

Mooring systems are critical for the proper functioning of farming facilities. Mooring systems ensure the cage and other structures’ positions remain at a specific point on the marine surface. Regardless of the impact of various challenging environmental conditions, quality mooring services protect your operations.

Regular maintenance of mooring systems is vital to guarantee the integrity of the farm cages. Maintenance services monitor the farm cage’s ability to withstand unexpected stresses and tensions due to bad weather.

Badinotti Marine provides mooring inspection services. We use underwater ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) equipped with cameras and sensors. ROVs allow us to carefully examine all mooring components even at great depths. These depths require skilled divers and operating costs. Based on the wear and tear assessment, the Badinotti Engineering Department uses cutting-edge technology to analyze and draft a final report of the current mooring status. We also use simulations to evaluate possible scenarios resulting from natural events. Our reporting offers recommendations and solutions.

What should you expect from the inspection?

Visual Inspection of *:

  1. Equipment Wear and Tear
  2. Correct assembling or installation of the cage components

Review of:

  • The full mooring line including ground chain and anchor/concrete block
  • Grid system
  • Buoys connections
  • Sinker tube and related connections to the cage and to the cage net
  • Net/Predator Net and related connections
  • Additional underwater cage components

Mooring Calculation and Design Services

Once the ROV inspection report is complete, customers can request Mooring Calculation and Design services. Badinotti analyzes possible weak-points in the mooring system or in the cage farm using AQUASIM© by AQUASTRUCTURE.

AQUASIM© is a software designed for cage farming and certified by the NS9415 (Norwegian Standards). Our engineering team can simulate different environmental scenarios to evaluate the farm’s behavior under stressing forces and clearly identify what components need to be carefully reviewed, monitored or replaced.


For each piece of equipment that will be installed, an individual study will be carried out.

Calculation Report

A complete Floating Cages system report includes:
1 static simulation to verify the correct distribution of forces in the mooring lines;
8 Dynamic simulation with an intact mooring system;
8 Dynamic simulation with a broken mooring line ( the most stressed );
Choice and verification of the components of the mooring lines and connection according to the NS94154 standard

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